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Mecannabis is a professional farming business specialized in the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa L. and the production of inflorescences, seedlings, and semi-finished products based on CBD.

Mecannabis is located in northern Italy in the province of Monza and Brianza.

All the products offered by this company are part of a 100% Italian supply chain starting from the seed up to the sale to the final consumer. Besides, each phase of production is controlled by MECannabis experts ensuring a natural product, free of any harmful substances.

The structures used by MEC are composed of indoor rooms dedicated to the Research and Development department on Cannabis phenotypes, in addition to a 12,000 m2 Greenhouse plant and an outdoor cultivation plant for a total of 25,000 m2.

The 100% made in Italy closed the supply chain, the obsessive care of the products offered, and an ongoing research and development process has allowed Mecannabis to position itself as one of the main interlocutors in the European CBD industry.

Last but not least, Mecannabis is actively working on new projects. 

HASH FACTORY is the last spin-off introduced by MEC, which focuses entirely on the production of CBD semi-finished products mixing global Hashes cultures with Italian craftmanship.



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