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Swiss Queen GmbH

CannaTrade: Halle 3.2
Stand 309 > Hallenplan

Brandstrasse 49
CH - 8952 Schlieren


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Detailhandel / Shop, Dienstleister, Grosshandel, Hanf Produzent, Hersteller
Anbau Material, Beleuchtung , Cannabis Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Kosmetik, Logistik, Rauchzubehör, Samen, Pflanzen, Genetik


Swiss Queen GmbH is a Swiss research and production company in the field of cannabis and hemp. Swiss Queen specializes in the development of genetics, in the biological and organic cultivation of the cannabis plant and in the professional processing of the raw material into high-quality end products for its end users.

From the planting of the seed to the sale of the final product, we care for and nurture our plants with passion and dedication.

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