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Hemp, in Latin cannabis, is one of the eldest useful and healing plants on earth, cultivated for more than 10`000 years. Fabrics and ropes can be made from the stipes or fibres. Mercedes as well as other automobile producers make already use of hemp instead of plastic.

Hemp seeds have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, especial Omega-3, and can be used in many ways, like pressed for cooking oil or flour. Hemp food is a super food, by nature.

Cannabis as a medicine and for consumption is made of the hemp flowers. The resin of the flowers contains more than 500 different active components, the most famous one is certainly Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, rather known as „THC“, the substance that attracts not only people in need. Currently we have a big CBD hype. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, like THC, which is „only“ relaxing and pain-relieving but has no intoxicating effect and it is legal.

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Until the 1930s, hemp was cultivated for the usage in the normal course of life and most likely for smoking. But then political interests of the USA forced the prohibition of cannabis in any kind, reaching the peak level in the 1970s, by the „War on drugs“, worldwide. 50 years later, one has to state that this war is lost and can or should better not be won. Till today, nobody died because of cannabis consumption, maybe by penal actions or drug related crimes, but not by the consumption itself. The Netherlands have their Coffeeshops, already since 40 years and in the 1990s, we had countless hemp shops in Swiss, called „Duftsäckli“ Shop, but mostly closed at the end of past century.

For several years now the rehabilitation of the hemp plant is in process but now in full swing. Canada and Uruguay were the first countries worldwide that legalized cannabis fully and dispose now of a regulated market. Meanwhile more than half of the US states followed this way and cannabis is legally available for medical purpose as well as for leisure consumption. Additional tax income and new jobs instead of prosecution and crime are the positive results. Germany has played a pioneering role in Europe and regulated at least the medical cannabis in 2017.  Almost every day you can read news from countries around the world, which also would like to rehabilitate cannabis – from Poland to South Africa and from Thailand to Mexico.

How about Switzerland?
In 2011 the Swiss lawmaker modified the narcotics law and increased the THC-limit from 0.3% to 1%, and that was the essential foundation for the «CBD-Boom». The THC-part of the hemp plant is related to its CBC-content and by the law change many (new) species, with high CBD-values and/or for smoking, could be cultivated. In consequence of the worldwide demand of CBD-products the Swiss became again one of the Top 5 cannabis countries and it got even better: In springtime 2021 the Swiss parliament passed a new law, that legalized the cultivation and export of medical cannabis, with more than 1% THC-content, as well as its simplified supply to patients. Simultaneously, the so named Experiment-Article has been added to the Constitution, which enables the Swiss cities and communities to start pilot projects relating the cannabis supply for the legal consumption by adults.

It stays exciting in the hemp country Switzerland! Get more daily news on brand new products and the current political situation, follow our tubes (Social Media, Newsletter) and visit the upcoming CannaTrade to discover, experience and enjoy the full spectrum of the hemp plant! 



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