List of exhibitors


Company Country Genres Group Stand
Cannabinno CH Wholesaler, Manufacturer SPO
Fourtwenty GmbH CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop SPO
Artemis GmbH CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop AUS
Breakshop AG CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop AUS
Cannabinno CH Wholesaler, Manufacturer AUS
CenturionPro CA Wholesaler, Manufacturer AUS
Drying Drawer CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop, Manufactur ... AUS
Dutch Trimming Company NL Wholesaler, Manufacturer AUS
Fourtwenty GmbH CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop AUS
Green Hand Trading GmbH CH Wholesaler, Hemp producer, Service Pr ... AUS
Growbox CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop AUS
Grow In AG DE Wholesaler, Service Provider AUS
Huboma GmbH CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop AUS
La Belle Verte Shop CH Retailer/Shop AUS
Master Products Inoxidable, SL ES Wholesaler, Manufacturer AUS
ON DEMAND MACHINERY GmbH CH Wholesaler, Service Provider AUS
Sensimilla Affoltern a.A CH Retailer/Shop AUS
Sunflower-Trimmer CZ Wholesaler, Manufacturer AUS
Tamar Headshop CH Retailer/Shop AUS
Zauber - Blüten Hanf GmbH CH Wholesaler, Retailer/Shop, Hemp produ ... AUS
Huboma-Growshop CH Retailer/Shop UAS
Riluma GmbH CH Wholesaler UAS



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