CannaTrade 2023
12-14 May 2023
Halle 622, Zürich
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Zauber - Blüten Hanf GmbH

CannaTrade: Halle 1
Stand 116 > Hall Plan

Geissacker 3
CH - 8917 Oberlunkhofen

(+41 (0) 76 339 06 95

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Hemp producer, Manufacturer, Retailer/Shop, Wholesaler
Body Care, Cannabis Products, Food, Grow Material, Harvesting Equipment, Headshop/Paraphernalia, Illumination, Logistics, Medicine, Packaging, Room Planning, Seeds, Plants, Genetics, Services, Vape


Zauber - Blüten Hanf GmbH

Our team consists of four young and motivated personalities who have taken the courage to

become self-employed and thus independent.

At Zauber - Blüten Hanf GmbH we stand for perfect quality and unmistakable enjoyment of the unique CBD products.

Our focus is on the quality of the hemp plants. We do not want to bring to the market over-fertilized or poorly washed out products. Quality comes before quantity!

We are convinced that this is the only way to satisfy ourselves and our quality-conscious customers.

Our products

In the meantime any imaginable product with hemp is available, which of course makes us happy!

But for us it is important that the products also have real benefits, no matter if it is tasty and soothing tea or an anti-inflammatory toothpaste.

All of our products have been checked and registered.

We are especially proud of our hemp capsules, which are appealed by older people and are extremely popular.

Another product which is not to be forgotten is our globules which can be used, for example, for animals. In addition, the selection of different oils perfectly fulfills our range of the fine types of grass.

Indoor production

Our indoor production in the heart of the canton of Aargau focuses on sustainability and efficiency. All components of the plant are used and practically nothing is disposed. For example, the leaves are used for production of tea.


Hygiene is extremely important for us! We work with special clothing and shoes and disinfect the equipment, and of course ourselves, regularly. Hygiene is has the highest priority so that no germs get into our production facilities from outside, as no pesticides are being used.


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