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Mama Publishing

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Tigrane Hadengue and Michka Seeliger-Chatelain created Mama Publishing in 2012 in Spain, to be a sister company of Mama Editions, founded in 2000 in Paris, France. Worldwide pioneer in creating International Reference Gardening Books, Mama Publishing specialises in high-tech and indoor gardening, as well as organic and outdoor gardening. Some of our best sellers: 

Hydroponics for Everybody by William Texier, a richly illustrated bible of hydroponic gardening, available in seven languages. Includes the HydroScope International Business Grow Directories. 

Culture en Intérieur by Jorge Cervantes, a worldwide reference for indoor gardening. Available in three formats. Includes the JardinoScope International Business Grow Directories. 

The Organic Grow Book by Karel Schelfhout and Michiel Panhuysen. Already published in five languages. A compendium of secrets rediscovered and a practical handbook offering plenty of innovative tips for organic gardening. Includes the BioScope International Business Grow Directories. 

Medical Cannabis by Michka & Collective is among Mama Editions’ best-selling titles, available in three formats and three languages. Answering with clarity and humour the most frequently asked questions about the fascinating Cannabis Sativa medicinal plant. Includes the CannaScope International Business Grow Directories. 

Grow Organic in Cartoons, by Denis Pic LelièvreBased on the work of Karel the Gardener, Pic’s illustrations highlight the very essence of gardening: delight. Including cutting edge tried-and-trusted gardening methods and advice, this entertaining guide is a must for anyone who wishes to grow in good conscience. Available in seven languages. Free of advertising, offers Exclusive Sponsorship possibilities.

Mama Publishing is considered a Worldwide Reference for Quality Print & Digital Advertising. 

More than half a million copies sold, and Digital Editions booming!


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