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Herba di Berna AG

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Dorfstrasse 4 (Produktion)
Moserstrasse 46, 3014 Bern (Shop)
CH - 3065 Bolligen


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Herba di Berna is a family business of a different kind. Collective decision-making structures and the pursuit of a sustainable corporate culture guide our actions.

We strive to give cannabis, a crop and crop, back its well-deserved place in society. We see the enormous potential of this brilliant plant, which was wrongly reduced to its intoxicating properties and therefore criminalized. We are committed to the cannabis plant and strive to bring the diverse uses of this wonderful plant to the public through seductive products. Our services focus on three core competencies:


Sales of CBD flowers nationally and internationally


Development and sale of CBD foods such as oils, drinks and food


Development and sale of CBD cosmetics Cultivation and production


We produce first-class cannabis products with great attention to detail. Our experienced team combines old methods with new knowledge and organically gets the best out of every plant. Our products are available under the "Herba di Berna" brand.


1. 100% from renewable energy
Herba di Berna purchases electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources. For us, sustainability is not just an empty phrase. The future is renewable!


2. Cultivated on earth
Our plants grow exclusively in organic soil. For us the only way to grow plants.


3. Highest quality standards
Our plants are rinsed with pure water before harvest to remove any remaining fertilizer residues in the product. After the harvest, the flowers are fermented for several weeks in order to achieve an optimal taste experience. All processes are subject to the strictest quality standards and are subject to continuous controlling. In addition to our own control, we work with external laboratories.


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