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Herba Di Berna AG

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Bolligenstrasse 82
CH - 3006 Bern


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Hemp producer, Manufacturer, Retailer/Shop, Wholesaler
Body Care, Cannabis Products, Food, Headshop/Paraphernalia, Vape


Herba di Berna is a non-profit and family startup from Bern. Our well-coordinated team produces various CBD products with passion. We rely on natural, regenerative cultivation methods without artificial fertilizers and obtain our electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources. We are completely dedicated to the cannabis plant and strive to bring the many uses of this wonderful plant to the people through enticing products. Our services focus on three core competencies:

  1. Sale of CBD flowers: National and International.
  2. Development and sale of CBD food products such as oils, beverages, and edibles
  3. Development and sale of CBD cosmetics

Our production

Our experienced team combines old methods with new knowledge and organically gets the best out of each plant. This is how we produce first-class cannabis products with great attention to detail.

1. 100% renewable energy

Herba di Berna only sources electricity from renewable hydropower.

2. Cultivated on living soil and without poisons.

In our outdoor and indoor production, soil health is of central importance. In addition to three different worm cultures that keep our soil healthy, millions of microorganisms also play their part in keeping the growing soil fertile and alive. The whole setting is completed with beneficial insects that act against the classical pests. This method of cultivation does not tolerate poisons, otherwise all our living creatures would perish. We can also do without mineral artificial fertilizers.

3. highest quality standards

After harvesting, the flowers are fermented for several weeks to achieve an optimal taste experience. All processes are subject to the strictest quality standards and are subject to continuous controlling. In addition to our own control, we cooperate with external laboratories.


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