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Drying Drawer

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Manufacturer, Retailer/Shop, Wholesaler
Harvesting Equipment


​The Drying Drawer was developed in 2019 in Switzerland by experienced gardeners, 3D designers and process experts.

With the goal in mind, that drying herbs should be constantly inspected and loosened during drying and the packaging process should be accelerated.

Through several stages of development, a design of stackable plastic drawers that carry the herbs on fine-pored nets came about. As a result, a modular system can be put together to match the needs of standard dry boxes.

Due to the choice of materials made of plastic as well as the washable mesh, an optimal ventilation of the herbs is guaranteed and prevents mold formation, where systems made of wood or metal would be detrimental in such a humid environment. In addition, the low weight and tool-free design offers great advantages in handling and transport.

The Drying Drawer addresses a long neglected need in the harvesting process, facilitating, professionalizing and accelerating the most essential step in the value chain of high quality herbs.

Once you`ve tried a Drying Drawer drying rack, you know for fact, you never ever want to go back.

For distribution inquiries, please send us an e-mail to: info@dryingdrawer.com or send us a DM on Instagram.


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