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Medcan – Medical Cannabis Verein Schweiz

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Medical Cannabis Association Switzerland


MEDCAN supports the interests of patients in Switzerland who take cannabis as a medicine and provides information on the use and effects of the medicinal plant.


For simple and legal use

Cannabis was used as a medicinal plant for centuries before its use was banned in 1951. This means that thousands of patients are not only deprived of the plant`s healing properties. They are even criminalised when using it: The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) estimates that more than 100,000 sick people in Switzerland have to illegally supply themselves with cannabis. We want to change this with our work.


Openly standing up for a change in values

Due to the current laws on cannabis use, users are forced to treat themselves privately and in secret. This is understandable, but does not contribute to a change in values and laws. For this reason, MEDCAN networks those affected in order to make their voices heard more in politics and society together.


  • Facilitating access: MEDCAN`s goal is to enable patients to have legal access to cannabis without bureaucratic effort and to use it for medical purposes in tested quality and at reasonable prices.
  • To inform and promote exchange: MEDCAN organises patient meetings in various Swiss cities: We provide information about the effects and use of cannabis and give patients the opportunity to exchange information with other affected persons.
  • Networking and making it visible: MEDCAN is committed to the people who use cannabis as a medicine. We give them a face, tell their stories and encourage them to become visible as a group.
  • Progress politically: MEDCAN is also involved in politics. We are working for a meaningful regulation of cannabis and demand that cannabis for medical use is paid for by health insurance.


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