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Verein Legalize it!

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We from the association Legalize it! publish the magazine Legalize it! four times a year. Topics are mainly political and legal developments in dealing with hemp and especially THC in Switzerland. In summer 2022 the 94th issue will be published.

We produce our legal aid brochure Shit happens every one to three years. It summarizes the state of hemp prosecution in Switzerland: Hemp, smoking pot, THC and the laws on prosecution cannabis. In the fall of 2021, we published the 14th edition.

We present a lot more info on our (e.g. summary penalty orders and other documents around the handling of THC, history of hemp seed prosecutions). There you can also find more info about our association.

The association Legalize it! exists for over 30 years. Individuals (contribution 50 francs per year) and companies (contribution 200 francs per year) can become members. For associations we are happy to make an exchange membership.


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