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24 - 26 May 2024
Halle 622, Zürich
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CarbonActive GmbH

CannaTrade: Halle 2
Stand 160 > Hall Plan

Hinterbergstrasse 34
CH - 6312 Steinhausen

0041 (0)41 711 11 75

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Manufacturer, Service Provider, Wholesaler
Room Planning, Services, Ventilation Systems


 CarbonActive develops and manufactures high-quality products in the following sectors:

•     Ventilation: specialised in the removal of gases, odours, particles and suspended matter using activated carbon filters.

•     Air Conditioning: heating and cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying

•     Monobloc Construction: in-house manufacture of customised solutions and modular construction.

•     PLC Controls: in-house plant programming.


CarbonActive GmbH is considered the market leader, greatly experienced in the realisation of cannabis plantations:


•      Engineering in the cannabis cultivation sector

•      Spatial Planning and Implementation of cannabis plantations

•      Turn Key Ready Solutions for cannabis plantations



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