CannaTrade 2024
24 - 26 May 2024
Halle 622, Zürich
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CannaTrade 2024, 24 - 26 May 2024, Halle 622, Zürich

CannaTrade 2024 will again take place in Zurich! The venue Halle 622 in Zürich-Oerlikon is situated between the airport and Zurich central train station and provides the perfect conditions for this hemp fair with its spacious and covered outdoor area.

CannaTrade is looking forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor, sub-exhibitor or sponsor of CannaTrade!

Become Exhibitor
We would be happy to take your reservation for CannaTrade 2024. Exhibitors from CannaTrade 2023 have until the mid of September 2023 to make an advance booking.
Interested companies register for a place on the waiting list via eMail
All prices and availability can be viewed here on the hall plan.

CannaTrade promotes new, innovative companies. It has stands in the gallery at an attractive price for young companies.
All prices and availability can be viewed here on the hall plan.
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Become sponsor
CannaTrade provides some exciting opportunities to present your company, brand or product to an interested B2B and/or B2C audience.
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Become Sub-Exhibitor
Become a sub-exhibitor for one of the official exhibitors for only CHF 190. Please see here for the Exhibitors’ List for the upcoming CannaTrade. To register, the main exhibitor has to invite you to be a sub-exhibitor via their My CannaTrade Account. Afterwards you will receive further instructions by email.

Take Part in the ‘Hanfwarenhaus’
Companies with natural products (food, cosmetics, building materials) can become part of the Hemp Goods House. Find the conditions of participation here.

Food Stand Registration
Would you like to present your food items at the Hemp Food Festival at CannaTrade? Please get in contact at



Safety first!
Of course, we will continue to keep an eye on the Covid situation and the safety of our exhibitors and visitors is our top priority. In the event of any changes to the Covid situation, we will announce this here and on our channels (Newsletter, Social Media).

When booking a stand or sponsorship package, 10% of the invoice total will be retained as a reservation fee and risk contribution. Should the event be cancelled, bookings without any additional costs can be transferred across to the date of the postponed event (May 2025) or else the booking can be cancelled. If a cancellation is requested, 90% of the invoice total will be refunded immediately and 10% will be retained by AG to cover expenses.

Visitors have the same opportunity as exhibitors and sponsors but receive 100% of the sum back in the event of a cancellation.

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