CannaTrade 2024
24 - 26 Mai 2024
Halle 622, Zürich
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Pure Holding AG

CannaTrade: Halle 2
Stand 161 > Plan du hall

Etzmatt 273
CH - 4314 Zeiningen

0041 61 853 72 72

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Fabricant, Grossiste, Prestataire de services, Producteur de chanvre
Cannabis Produkte, Médecine, Semences, plantes, génétiques, Services


Pure Holding AG covers the entire value chain of the cannabis industry with its 5 entities - Pure Production, Puregene, Pure Pharma and Pure Europe.

Pure Production AG is the heart and soul of Pure as well as the first mover and market leader in the Swiss cannabis industry. We are specialized in the production, processing, product development and distribution of cannabis and stand for quality and transparency. 

We are ISO 9001 certified, and our products carry the independent quality label of “Swiss Certified Cannabis”.

Our heritage has enabled us to build a broad product range in various market segments over the last years, including: 

  • Dedicated line of end consumer products.
  • Bulk & White Label (Extracts, Oils, Cosmetics),
  • Raw Material (CBD Flowers)

Puregene AG breeds the highest quality cannabis, guaranteeing maximum yield and a secure harvest. We provide you with a competitive advantage, ensuring your crop investment is based on extensive reliable data. Furthermore we provide a secure development pipeline of high value novel cannabinoids, fully compliant with local as well as international regulations. As a pioneer, we are redefining cannabis cultivation with our state-of-the-art and elite breeding programs.

Pure Pharma AG is the newest member of our group and will supply the Swiss market with the highest quality medical cannabis products and ensuring that the best possible quality is made available to patients and that the full potential of the cannabis plant can be utilized. With our partners we will be able to provide a continuous supply of products to the markets.

Pure Europe Sàrl & Pure Europe GmbH are based in Luxembourg and Germany. These entities were founded to ensure that we can guarantee worldwide distribution.


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