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Greenception - most innovative LED technology from Germany

Greenception stands for innovative and highly efficient LED plant lighting - always with the aim of offering the optimal light for every application. 

Light Recipes - The new standard.

The special thing about Greenception’s technology is the controllability. In contrast to conventional lighting solutions, both the light spectrum and the intensity of the LED modules can individually and automatically be controlled over the course of the day by using sophisticated lighting recipes from Greenception - all conveniently via software. The wide light spectrum can be controlled on up to 5 channels and includes near-UV and far-red light.

Partner of the Canadian cannabis professionals.

Greenception is the lighting partner of choice for the probably most innovative cannabis production facility in the world - Habitat.Life in Canada. The aquaponic grow facility has a water recycling rate of 96% and its own salmon fish production. Thanks to this sophisticated cultivation technique, Habitat.Life holds the world`s first organic seal for aquaponic systems.

In a large-scale test by the canadian grow professionals, Greenception prevailed against all the big names in the North American lighting industry. Greenception lamps using the light recipe “GC Flowering” led to a 16% higher cannabinoid concentration in the plants than under the lamps of the second-placed manufacturer. Due to the outstanding performance and variability of the lighting systems, the professionals opted for Greenception technology from Germany.

Professional solutions for individual projects.

The Greenception team also develops individual lighting plans for larger-scaled projects according to your ideas. Feel free to contact us at any time!


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