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CANNA provides growers across the globe with The Solution for Growth & Bloom. Our passion is plants and we have dedicated our business to growers, 25 years and counting. Our mission is to ensure that our growers have the highest quality nutrients and substrates available to them, so that they are able to grow their plants to the maximum potential.


Our journey began in the eighties, the founders were constantly searching for active plants and minerals, specifically useful for improving plant-health and well-being. This continued into the early nineties when the CANNA founders were dissatisfied with the existing range of plant fertilisers on the market. Their hunger and determination for a higher quality product lead them to developing their own nutrients. From this, CANNA Vega & Flores were born. The initial results from these products were so impressive, that they were soon put into mass production. Since then, the company and it’s growers have grown side by side and still to this day we continue to innovate and strive for better.

Quality proves itself

From the beginning, all of our products have been scientifically tested before being made commercially available.

From development and research, to marketing and sales, to our unique and environmentally friendly production facility and to our state-of-the-art laboratory, we keep the whole production process held tightly in our own hands. We know that only by maintaining ownership over as many factors as possible, are we in a position to offer a product of such a consistently high-quality. Our passion for plants is integral within every one of CANNA’s products, with years of intensive research preceding the market launch of each product.


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