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Master Products Inoxidable, SL

CannaTrade: Halle 1
Stand 147 > Pianta del padiglione

Veïnat de la Banyeta Nova, 10
ES - 17843 Palol de Revardit

+34 972 299 355

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Grossista, Produttore
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Master Products designs machines that meet the needs of your crop and harvest. We maintain and preserve the quality of the flowers because they deserve to be treated with the highest quality technology. Improper use or an inappropiate tool can damage your product.

Master Products equipment pioneers the use of stainless steel as the main component in the manufacturing process.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured in our workshop, using the best materials and following the most demanding quality standards in Europe. We subject our machines to comprehensive quality control checks, through which we guarantee the best results for your production.


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