17.-19. Mayo 2019
Halle 622 Zürich-Oerlikon
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CannaSwissCup 2018/19 – The best Gras is nominated!
CannaTrade News18.05.2019

The best strains of CBD –Gras, grown 2018 in Swiss, have been chosen by your vote!

The winners of CannaSwissCup 2018/19 have been awarded at the Awardshow, hosted by Cali P, on Saturday 18th of May.

Please find the winners’ list, with details on the various sorts, their producers as well as the CBD- and THC content and the Terpene-Analysis under www.cannaswisscup.ch

Come to stall #110 at CannaTrade, on Sunday 19th of May, and get one of the last 50 Jury-Boxes of CannaSwissCup 2018/19 – it is worthwhile!

CannaTrade 2019 is opened!
CannaTrade News17.05.2019

On around 6000m2 area more than 250 exhibitors from all over the world are presenting their products!

Enjoy the best three days of the year – CannaTrade 2019 in Halle 622! Tickets are available at the Pay Desk for SFR 16 (Friday) or SFR 19 (Saturday and Sunday). Please have a look online under >Program< the highlights of this years’ CannaTrade and do not miss the delicious food stuff and drinks in the Chillout-Area, presented by Hanfhof.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Advice: Get your tickets by pre-selling!
CannaTrade News13.05.2019

We advice you to get your tickets for CannaTrade by pre-selling! Firstly, you can be sure enough to get access and secondly, the queue time will be minimized at the entry.

Get your tickets for CannaTrade 2019 right now under www.starticket.ch, the minimum age is 18 years, minors only will get access to the fair when accompanied by adults.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Joint Roll Contest Swiss Championship
CannaTrade News06.05.2019

Only 10 days are left until the door opening of CannaTrade 2019 in Halle 622 in Zurich!
And the best at the end: Become the Joint Rolling Swiss Champion and win 100g of gold, sponsored by SwissWeeds and Fourtwenty.

Please find all info under www.jointrollcontest.ch

Buy now your ticket for CannaTrade 2019!
CannaSesh 2019
CannaTrade News16.04.2019

CannaTrade’s and CannaSwissCup’s official afterparty

Saturday May 18th, 2019
Sektor 11, Zürich
21pm – late
Age 18+


(All exhibitors and business visitors are invited !)

Presented by Ivory Swiss / Sponsored by Grünkraft, Company X, Kälte Kuster

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CannaTrade’s b2b day
CannaTrade News10.04.2019

Meeting of the cannabis world in Switzerland in May 2019! Combine your stay with the  International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) on Thursday, 16th of May in the Hotel Atlantis in Zurich and the international hemp fair CannaTrade from 17th of May to 19th of May in the Halle 622 Zurich/Oerlikon.

CannaTrade offers to all cannabis related companies two free fair tickets, valid for all three fair days, including the access to the CannaTrade BusinessLounge powered by CarbonActive. Do not miss the b2b day in any case, powered by BioBizz, on Friday 17th of May, with an exciting program on business and political themes!

New: Find all registered business visitors in My CannaTrade > b2b Area and fix dates prior to the hemp fair!

Register here for CannaTrade

Order here ICBC Tickets

CannaComix – The Show
CannaTrade News01.04.2019

It’s time for a Gala with Gerhard Seyfried, Ivan Art  and Steve Stoned, since already  20 years they are attending the world of cannabis and its friends with (cannabis-) comics, pictures and stories. Every artist will present three art works of its archive and explain on the formation phase, listen to these funny and special stories.  The Show will be moderated by Markus Berger and afterwards you may ask questions directly to the artists.

More information: Program > Saturday

Program online!
CannaTrade News14.03.2019

Friday, 17th of May 2019
B2b day powered by BioBizz
Get detailed information on organic growing by Bio Bizz, on the export of cannabis for medical use to Germany by DHV Berlin (The German Hemp Association) and on the big panel discussion relating the current (political) situation in Swiss and...Read on...

Saturday, 18th of May 2019
Cannabis Culture
Presenting the CannaComix Show, Live-Show from Pottcast with Knackeboul and Luuk, the Joint-Rolling-Contest Swiss Championship, the CannaSwissCup Awardshow and not to forget the official Afterparty CannaSesh...Read on...

Sunday, 19th of May 2019
Cannabis & Medicine
Listen to Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen on the dilemma of cannabis, to Bernd Griasch on aroma therapy, CBD in veterinary medicine and take part in the big face-to-face interview with popular experts like Manfred Fankhauser, Dr. Robert Hämmig, Franziska Quadri and Yvonn Scherrer moderated by SRF-Moderator Christine Schulthess...Read on...

CannaTrade 2019 expanded!
CannaTrade News11.03.2019

We had to wait nine (!) months but finally we have got the green light by the authorities in Zurich for the enlargement of the exhibition area and to use the entire outdoor area of Halle 622 for the upcoming CannaTrade 2019! The complete area covers now more than 6000m2 and offers space for 30 additional stalls as well as for an extremely extended Chillout-Area for our visitors, presented by hanfhof.

New clients
Interested companies please register under contact@cannatrade.ch.

Thank you pretty much for your interest and the confidence shown to us.

CannAward 2019 – Register now!
CannaTrade News03.03.2019

CannaTrade awards per edition the best products out of the categories Grow, Plants (Strains/Genetics), Paraphernalia, Food, CBD Oils / Extracts, Body Care, Media, Flowers (Tobacco Subsitute) and Most attractive stand.

The winners get our Label «CannAward2019 Winner» and the permission to use it for promotion purposes (related to the winner product). All the winners get listed on www.cannatrade.ch and will stay even after the fair.
Participation is possible for all exhibitors, sub-exhibitors and sponsors of CannaTrade.

All information and registration
Join the CannaTrade Community!
CannaTrade News19.02.2019

You have many friends, visit concerts & parties, run a shop or even more? Order here some filter, flyer, and poster and promote for the up-coming CannaTrade. Your support will be honoured with a free ticket for the fair.

I will join!
Joint Roll Contest – Swiss Championships
CannaTrade News07.02.2019

The Swiss Championships referring the Joint Roll Contest will take place at CannaTrade 2019 for the very first time! Join one of our prelim events and show proof of your facilities in the different categories « Joint Beauty Contest» or «Joint Speed Record».

Preliminary Decisions:
8th to 17th of February, Cannabis Village at muba Basel
26th of April to 5th of May, Cannabis Village at BEA Bern
17th to 18th of May, CannaTrade, Halle 622, Zurich

Swiss Championships
18th of May, CannaTrade, Halle 622, Zurich

All information: www.jointrollcontest.ch

CannaSwissCup 2018/19 Jury-Box
CannaTrade News02.02.2019

The popular CannaSwissCup 2018/19 Jury-Boxes are available from now in a limited edition! On buying a CannaSwissCup Jury-Box you become a member of the jury and are authorised to nominate the enclosed strains of cannabis concerning their “appearance“ and ”flavour”. Each jury member takes automatically part in the big drawing and gets two 3-Day-Tickets for the upcoming CannaTrade 2019 on top!

Content of the Jury-Box: 35 Strains per 1g cannabis flowers (15g Indoor, 12g Outdoor and  8g Greenhouse), Two 3-Day-Tickets for CannaTrade 2019, 2 Drink Vouchers, valid only for CannaTrade 2019, 1 Gizeh Roll-Set with Filter and Papes

Price per Box: SFR 195.00 (incl. 7.7% VAT, transport costs, packaging costs)

More Information: www.cannaswisscup.ch

International Cannabis Business Conference
CannaTrade News06.01.2019

La ICBC - International Cannabis Business Conference - el evento global sobre el cáñamo más importante a nivel internacional, tiene preparado un programa impresionante para el año 2019. Por tercera vez, además de su edición en los EEUU y Canadá, la ICBC tiene lugar también en Berlín. Además, dos nuevos eventos europeos se unen a ella: la ICBC Barcelona, que trabaja junto a la Spannabis y la ICBC Zúrich en colaboración con la CannaTrade. La ICBC combina de manera única los negocios, la política, la ciencia y la cultura y tiene lugar en Zúrich del 15 al 16 de mayo de 2019, justo antes del día-b2b de la CannaTrade, el cual acontecerá el viernes 17 de mayo. Un cartel único, entre los que destacan inversores internacionales, empresarios, autoridades públicas y juristas de más de 30 países, hacen de la conferencia una cita ineludible para los business visitors y los expositores. Aquí encontrarás entradas Early-Bird (disponibles hasta el 24 de abril de 2019) y todo el resto de la información sobre la ICBC: www.internationalcbc.com

Combina ahora tu estancia en Suiza y visita la ICBC el 15 y 16 de mayo de 2019 y la CannaTrade del 17 al 19 de mayo de 2019. En la página web www.cannatrade.ch/business se pueden reservar entradas business libres de costo.

¡Inscríbete ahora en Hanfwarenhaus!
CannaTrade News02.12.2018

El Hanfwarenhaus de la CannaTrade muestran la gran variedad de la planta del cáñamo: productos alimentarios, bebidas, complementos alimenticios, cosmética, ropa y materiales de construcción – todo proveninete del cáñamo. Las empresas interesadas pueden inscribirse ahora para participar en el Hanfwarenhaus. Encuentra aquí toda la información al respecto.

Como en la CannaTrade 2018, el Hanfwarenhaus llevarán el número de estand 152 y se encontrarán de esta manera también en la CannaTrade 2019 en el mismo lugar. > Plano de la expo
Hacerse Business Visitor!
CannaTrade News20.11.2018

La CannaTrade ofrece dos entradas Business gratis para la próxima edición del 17 al 19 de mayo de 2019 a las empresas del sector del cáñamo, como siempre.

Para acceder a las entradas las empresas interesadas deberán cubrir el formulario de inscripción.

Los Business Visitors disfrutan, además de la entrada gratuita de acceso exclusivo para Business Visitors al CannaTrade Business Lounge, presentado por CarbonActive, de recibir también acceso a la zona CannaTrade Business, para poder, ya antes de la expo, contactar y concertar citas con posibles nueves socios.

Inscripción "Expositor secundario"
CannaTrade News 16.10.2018

Te puedes inscribir en la CannaTrade 2019 como expositor secundario. Para ello, necesitas el consentimiento de un expositor principal (expositores con stand). Si lo tienes, síentete libre de inscribirte como expositor secundario.

Encuentra aquí más información.

Plano del recinto y lista de expositores en línea.
CannaTrade News 15.10.2018

Ya están en línea el plano del recinto y la lista de expositores de la CannaTrade 2019.

Hasta el 18 de marzo se pueden inscribir en el estand expositores secundarios. Encuentra aquí más información.

¡El equipo CannaTrade espera impaciente la próxima expo!

CannaTrade News 10.10.2018

Make use of our early bird rebates!
Be clever and save your tickets right now for the best price:

Day Ticket

  • until the end of September 2018 for CHF 10.-
  • until the end of November 2018 for CHF 12.-
  • until the end of January 2019 for CHF 14.-
  • until the end of March 2019 for CHF 16.-

Special Offer 
3-Days Ticket by pre-selling until the end of December 2018, for only CHF 29.-

Ticket prices at CannaTrade : Friday CHF 16, Saturday CHF 19, Sunday CHF 19, 3-days CHF 39.


For advance ticket sale please follow here

Estands y paquetes de patrocinio: (de momento) agotados
CannaTrade News 01.10.2018

La CannaTrade agradece a todos los expositores y patrocinadores su fidelidad, tan solo un mes tras la puesta en línea se han agotado todos los estands y los paquetes de patrocinio.

La CannaTrade trabaja duro con los arrendadores del recinto y las autoridades correspondientes para poder volver a ampliar la zona exterior de la Halle 622 durante la CannaTrade 2019. Contamos con poder poner a la venta más estands a partir de enero de 2019

Las empresas interesadas pueden contactarnos para inscribirse en la lista de espera bajo contact@cannatrade.ch

¡La suerte está echada!
CannaTrade NewsLa próxima CannaTrade, del 17 al 19 de Mayo de 2019, tendrá lugar nuevamente en la Halle 622 en Zúrich Oerlikon.

Renunciamos al plan original de organizar la Expo 2019 en Lausanne debido al gran número de „peticiones“ por parte de la Suiza alemana, así como a la gran afluencia desde el extranjero y por tanto la necesidad de situar la Expo en las cercanías de un aeropuerto. La CannaTrade.ch se disculpa frente a todos las clientes de la Suiza francesa.

En el año 2020 pondremos a prueba el regreso a Berna, lugar donde en 2001 se orgininó la CannaTrade. Berna supone para las suizas el lugar más „justo“ y de fácil acceso para la clientela  internacional desde los aeropuertos de Zúrich, Basel y Berna.
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