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The Humboldt Seed Organization makes interesting cannabis strains accessible to the general public, trustworthy, from elite Californian genetics. The collection they present is the result of an exciting project created in Humboldt County, in northern California, when a group of experienced breeders, with long experience behind them researching and developing genetics, decides to join together. The team members are weed growers, of great prestige and with extensive experience, who have had the advantage of having some of the best genetics in the world. All their seeds contain reliable genetics with an extraordinary global potential.


Their catalog presents regular, feminized, autoflowering, fast flowering and also Genetics CBD-rich. The range of feminized varieties maintains the genetic inheritance of the mythical strains that were developed in California in the 60s. Autoflowering combine all the benefits of Ruderalis genetics - rapidity, automatic flowering, resistance -, with the unforgettable fragrancy and flavors and the impressive effects of authentic and mythical Californian genetics. And they have also developed the CBD-rich version of two of their most demanded cannabis seeds: the Blue Dream and the Green Crack. Two champions genetics that are now associated with the CBD family through a balanced combination of cannabinoids.


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