CannaTrade 2023
12.-14. Mai 2023
Halle 622, Zürich
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vapman GmbH

CannaTrade: Halle 1
Stand 105 > Hallenplan

Widumgasse 5
IT - 39037 Rodeneck

+39 (0) 3349440165

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vapman is the world’s most efficient and best tasting thermal extraction device (butan powered vaporizer) for herbs and concentrates, designed in Switzerland and sustainably handcrafted to perfection now since around a year in beautiful South Tyrol, Italy.

Created with the experience of a professional and constantly improved by the perfectionism of an enthusiast - vapman achieved its unique character, uncompromising vapor quality, and a history marked by knowledge and innovation.

Here at vapman, we combine decades of experience with advanced technical knowledge to break new ground in the pursuit of quality vapor. From a ingenious idea in the early 2000s in Bienne Svizzerland, right up to what we feel is the best manual thermal extractor today.

With the smallest ecological footprint possible, we forge a path to excellence, crafting the thermal extractor of the future while protecting the natural world that inspires us. 


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