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Pure Holding AG

CannaTrade: Halle 2
Stand 163 > Hall Plan

Etzmatt 273
CH - 4314 Zeiningen

0041 61 853 72 72

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Hemp producer, Manufacturer, Service Provider, Wholesaler
Cannabis Products, Medicine, Seeds, Plants, Genetics, Services


The Pure Holding AG, a pioneer in the European cannabis industry, encompasses five subsidiaries – Pure Production, Puregene, Pure Pharma, and Pure Europe – offering a comprehensive coverage of the cannabis value chain - From Seed to Sale.

Pure Production AG, as the market leader and first mover in the Swiss cannabis industry, forms the foundation of the group and specializes in the production, processing, product development, and distribution of cannabis. The products are distinguished by their quality and transparency and are ISO 9001 certified.

The range includes:

  • A dedicated product line for end consumers (
  • Bulk & White Label (extracts, oils, cosmetics), and
  • Raw materials (CBD flowers)

As Europe`s first legal producer of recreational THC cannabis within Swiss pilot studies, Pure Holding AG stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and compliance with regulations.

Puregene AG is revolutionizing cannabis cultivation through the application of molecular plant breeding techniques to produce cannabis of the highest quality. These advanced methods ensure maximum yield and safe harvests. Molecular breeding allows Puregene to develop tailor-made cannabis plants based on extensive and reliable data. This provides customers with a decisive competitive advantage, as investments in the harvest are based on solid, scientific foundations.

The Pure Pharma AG, the newest member of the Pure Holding AG, will supply the Swiss market with top-quality medical cannabis products. We are committed to providing patients with the highest quality and utilizing the full potential of the cannabis plant.

The Pure Group is a leading player in the cannabis industry and is committed to political advocacy for science-based legalization, to make the future potential of cannabis accessible to all.


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