CannaTrade 2021, 28 - 30 of May 2021, BernExpo

By the change of location, from Zurich to Bern, the CannaTrade disposes currently, with 12’000m2, of more than twice the exhibition area. The geographical position of is also of advantage, the capital Bern is in the heart of Switzerland, thereby close to the French-speaking Swiss part as well as near the airports in Zurich, Basel and Geneva.

The CannaTrade is looking forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor, sub-exhibitor or sponsor of CannaTrade!

Become Exhibitor
Last stalls are available by online registration via the hall plan

Stand Space: Row Stall SFR CHF 190/m2, Corner Stall SFR 200/m2, Head Stall SFR CHF 210/m2, Isle Stall SFR 220/m2
plus 7.7% VAT, Power Supply and Stall System optional.

The CannaTrade would like to encourage and support new and innovative companies. On interest please send us your application to contact@cannatrade.ch and gain one stand in the Start-Up-Zone (Halle 1 for Grow related companies, Halle 2 for Paraphernalia-, Vape- and CBD companies).

Preconditions: Year of Formation in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020
Stand Size: 3x2m incl. Setup and Power Supply
Price: SFR 1350.-

Become Sponsor
We are looking forward to your email to contact@cannatrade.ch  or call us 0041 (0)31 398 02 35

Become Sub-Exhibitor
Become sub-exhibitor of one the official exhibitors for only SFR 190, please find here the exhibitors’ list of the upcoming CannaTrade. To get really registered, the main exhibitor has to invite you for sub-exhibiting via his My CannaTrade Konto, afterwards you get further instructions by email. 

Take Part in the Hanfwarenhaus
Become a part of the Hanfwarenhaus (Hemp Warehouse) and register with your hemp made natural products, like food, beauty care, building materials, follow here for the terms and conditions.

Food Stand Registration
You would like to present your food stuff at Hemp Food Festival of CannaTrade? Please get in contact to food@cannatrade.ch

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