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CannaTrade 2022, BernExpo, Bern

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  • until 19th of May 2022 for CHF 16.-

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  • Friday CHF 19 / from 16.00h CHF 10
  • Saturday CHF 19
  • Sunday CHF 19
  • 3-day ticket CHF 39

Access to the trade fair is permitted from the age of 18. Children under the age of 18 only have access with adult supervision.

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The Federal Council lifted Covid measures on February 17, 2022. This means, as it currently stands, that CannaTrade will be able to take place with no certification or mask wearing required. Of course, anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask is welcome to do so. If you do not feel well, please remain at home.

Safety first!
Of course, we will continue to keep an eye on the Covid situation and the safety of our exhibitors and visitors is our top priority. In the event of any changes to the Covid situation, we will announce this here and on our channels (Newsletter, Social Media).

If we have to postpone CannaTrade once again, all visitor tickets will remain valid for the alternate date or can be cancelled free-of-charge within 30 days of receipt of notification.




Opening hours

  • Friday 20th of May 11.00 – 19.00h
  • Saturday 21th of May 11.00 – 20.00h
  • Sunday 22th of May 11.00 – 18.00h




Hall 3.2, BernExpo, Bern

CannaTrade is returning to its birthplace! Originally planned to take place in the ‘Old Festival Hall’ (BernExpo Hall 4.1) where CannaTrade first took place 20 years ago, having twice been postponed due to Covid, CannaTrade has now been moved to the large and modern Hall 3.2. Hall 3.2 offers room for over 200 stands across an area of 7000 m2, allowing CannaTrade to return to its former size of the years 2004 – 2007.

Along the long side of Hall 3.2, the delivery ramp will be transformed into a 2000 m2 Chill-out Area with the popular Hemp Food Festival. Food stands from all over the world along with bars and music invite guests to chill out and enjoy.

The BernExpo exhibition center is located in Bern on the Guisanplatz and is easily accessible. If driving there by car, please take the Bern Wankdorf exit, by rail travel to Bern Wankdorf station and by tram, take line no. 9.

CannaTrade BernExpo




Public Transport

A dense rail network connects Bern with the whole country as well as with the most important European countries. Starting from the main railway station in Bern you will reach the exhibition centre by tram or S-Bahn (Suburban Train) in some minutes only.

Start from the main station in Bern and stop at the exhibition centre:

Tram No. 9: Start from station Bern, alight at stop Guisanplatz Expo

S-Bahn  No. S1, S2, S3, S4, S31, S44: to Bern Wankdorf then take the Tram No. 9 and alight at stop Wankdorf Center

Bus No. 20: change at bus stop „Wankdorf Bahnhof“, and get on Tram No. 9, please alight at stop Wankdorf Center.




By car

The exhibition center is only some hundred meters away from the Wankdorf interchange. Just follow the signs for «BERNEXPO»/«expo».

Parking: Directly alongside the exhibition center, you will find the car park for the exhibition center. Here and alongside the exhibition center, there are even all-weather parking places available.

Input Navigation System
Mingerstrasse 6
3014 Bern



By airplane

The Bern-Belp airport is near the Bern exhibition center. It takes around 1 ½ hours to reach by public transport from the intercontinental airports of Zurich and Basel and around 2 hours from the intercontinental airport in Geneva.

Airport Bern-Belp (8 km): Transfer by car 15 min., Transfer by rail 35 min.
Airport Zurich (130 km): Transfer by car 1hour 30 min., Transfer by rail 1 hour 20 min.
Airport Basel (101km): Transfer by car 1 hour 15 min., Transfer by rail 1 hour 20 min.
Airport Geneva-Cointrin (160 km): Transfer by car 2 hours, Transfer by rail 1 hour 50 min.




There are lots of hotels alongside the exhibition center with around 300 rooms in total in the one to four-star categories. In the surrounding area, as well as in the city of Bern, you will find further accommodation, including guesthouses and luxury five-star hotels.

Ibis Bern Expo

Book your accommodation quickly and easily online via the  Bern Tourist Board’s hotel booking platform..

For further information on hotels or places of interest in Bern please contact the Bern Tourismus.

CannaTrade Hotels




Access to the fair is permitted from the age of 18. Children under the age of 18 only have access under adult supervision.

You can take advantage of the offer for two free tickets for companies or the early bird price incl. access to the Business Lounge as a ‘Business Visitor plus’ until April 30, 2022!

Details & Tickets

Each year, the association organizes the popular Swiss Cannabis Cup – the choice of the best CBD varieties in the different categories of Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse. The award ceremony takes place during the CannaTrade Hemp Fair. Please see the current program > Side Events > CannaSwissCup

Welcome to CannaTrade, the longest-running cannabis trade fair in Europe! The story of CannaTrade began in 2001, when the ‘Schweizer Hanf-Tagen’ (Swiss Hemp Days) turned into the international hemp fair that took place in Bern at BEA Expo for the very first time. In 2008, CannaTrade moved to Basel for two sessions and in the following years, to Zurich where the fair became bigger and bigger. After ten years, it is time to return to the birthplace of the International Cannabis Expo CannaTrade:

Next Edition: BernExpo, in Bern, May 20th-22nd, 2022

The management of the trade fair encourage all visitors to avoid travelling to the fair by car. One positive aspect of using public transport is that you can drink with a clear conscience one or two hemp beers!
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed anywhere on the premises of the BernExpo. We therefore kindly ask you to leave your beloved four-legged friends at home.
General information for exhibitors as well the list of exhibitors you will find here:

Hemp is one of the eldest useful plants on earth. The Chinese are cultivating hemp for more than 10'000 years. The hemp plant is relatively easy to grow, doesn't need any pesticide, furthermore, it is an ameliorant.

Hemp on the fields, save the woods. Refering to an equal area, the annual hemp plant is four to five times more effective in the paper production than trees. Caused by the enormous strength of the fiber, hemp paper can be receycled far more often than wooden paper.

Furthermore, hemp produces two to three times more fibers than the cotton plant, but without any pesticide. 50% of the total used pesticide are for the cotton growing. We have finally to stop this contamination of earth and groundwater.

Hemp seed is far more nutritious than even soybean, contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is 35% dietary fiber.

Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug. Hemp seed oil may be nature's most perfectly balanced oil. It contains an ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6's [linoleic acid] to omega-3's [alpha-linolenic acid] for long-term use, and provides the omega-6 derivative gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Hemp can be used in many ways, like no other plant i.e. as biomass or as isolation and building material. Regional and hemp based circular flow economies in connection with solar energy may help to stop the climate warming.

Hemp is last but not least one of the eldest elixir and intoxicant in the human history.

Hemp is an effective medicine against seizures, sickness, stress and so many more diseases.

In addition, hemp is one of the less toxic plants and nowadays, the best studied drug worldwide.

Hemp could stop the intoxication of the population through harmful medicine. The turn to sustainable agriculture will be impossible without this precious plant. A complete rehabilitation of hemp, the useful plant No. 1, is overdue. Natural resources, water and the sun provide with all we need.

Source: Jack Herer, Die Wiederentdeckung der Nutzpflanze Hanf, Nachtschatten Verlag, 2017

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Please keep your ID-Card with you, there will be identity checks during the fair (protection of minors). Thanks for your comprehension.

Cannabis containing less than 1% THC content is now legal for consumption in Switzerland. A range of cannabis products and various types of CBD weed will be on offer at the CannaTrade Hemp Fair. Where food and medicaments/drugs are concerned, the current Swiss law is stricter. A minimum THC content in foodstuffs is legal but CBD is (still) completely prohibited here. Products for the purpose of healing, even where natural in origin, have to be officially authorized by Swissmedic, otherwise promise of healing may not be advertised.

Cannabis users will find a lot of helpful information about the Swiss law on cannabis consumption at

Details on travelling to CannaTrade can be found here:

The selling and distribution of hempseeds with a THC content in excess of 1% is illegal in Switzerland. Please pay attention to the farming regulations. Hempseeds (with less than 1% THC) for nutritional purposes are not only legal but also delicious and healthy.

See also: Cannabis
SSmoking is forbidden in all public buildings in Switzerland, and this includes the trade fair hall of CannaTrade. But smokers are welcome in the big outdoor area Chillout Area.

Under this name, the first Swiss hemp events took place in 1999 and 2000. These actions finally led to the first International Cannabis Expo CannaTrade in 2001.

See also: CannaTrade

We kindly ask our visitors to use the disposable garbage cans for the waste.
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