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i-grows AG

CannaTrade: Halle 1
Stand 179 > Hall Plan

Zürcherstrasse 30
CH - 8854 Siebnen

+41 786627217

Manufacturer, Wholesaler


We are a dynamic and innovative company located in central Switzerland. We produce highly effective LED lighting systems for application in the agricultural, gardening, and hobby sectors. We have many years of experience in the development of LED technology, as well as the agricultural area. Our focus is on customer quality and service.

Our LED Lighting systems are highly efficient lighting solutions for indoor agriculture. They enable better growing control, maximum revenue increase, and higher quality of cultivated and ornamental plants. Regardless of whether you are engaged in home/hobby gardening or professional horticulture. With our lighting systems, you will achieve the most efficient lighting solution possible with the latest LED technology. It is our goal to let you grow healthy and happy plants.


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